Bachata Jack and Jill event featuring Marcelo and Nasti, July 6th, presented by Dance Vida.

Bachata Jack and Jill Training Boot-Camp

Master Class – Party and competition

The workshops will be about how to compete, what to think, and how to understand the music for the Jack and Jill.
3 hours of Boot-camp about Jack and Jill and 2 hours of Master classes!
With Marcelo and Nasti 2 times Champions of the world in Bachata!


390.-kr  Saturday Jack and Jill Training Boot Camp
290.-kr Sunday Master Class

590.- Saturday and Sunday both days Workshops
100.-kr Party, Show and competition


Saturday from 13.00 to 16.00
Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00

Jack and Jill its about how to be prepared for the competition:
Sunday Master class, and you will learn the following.
✔️ Musical figures
✔️ Structure of the song 🎵
✔️ Intro Outro
✔️ Chorus, lyrics,Melody
✔️ Timing
✔️ Instrumental
✔️ Brakes 1,2,3,4 times
✔️ Dips and tricks
✔️ Footwork (alone and couple)


Saturday during the day will be the train boot-camp.
Competition on the night, party and shows!
Sunday: We will have with Master classes

About the Competition

Everybody is welcome to compete, no matter the level.

You have to sign up alone at the door and you will get your dance partner before and you’re in the competition

More information will be coming.


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About our instructors

Marcelo Alcaraz

Marcelo’s story is quite inspiring as not only he’s from a small city in Argentina, San Luis, but also his career started uniquely late. He was always mesmerised by dance competitions on TV, and decided that he wants to become World Bachata Champion. However, he was over 20y/o and knew nothing about dance, it got everybody laughing at his dream.

After kicking all his previous life away and dedicating himself to dance, competing against strongest couples in South America and then against selected winners all around the world in 2018 he won the Finals of “World Bachata Masters” in Europe, and became the desired World Bachata Champion. As it wasn’t enough, he won the competition twice!

After getting the titles the doors had opened wide for him worldwide. Now he’s already taught in over 300 different schools, his 20 years of experience in teaching lets him find the best approach to every single dancer, fix the appearing issues and highlight the talent. Till this day he is considered the most creative Bachata choreographer. Respected teacher along with being a performer. And his rule for life is “Don’t give up”.

Nasti (Anastasija  Semašo)

Since she was born she knew she had to become a dancer. At the age of 3 she entered a highly competitive M.K Čiurlionis school of Arts in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, and successfully graduated as a Professional Ballet artist-creator in 2020. Learning harsh discipline made Nasti’s character strong like stone and her dreams look easily approachable. Her first dream was dancing in Germany, but it didn’t seem enough, her young soul didn’t wish to stay in one theatre for a long time, she wanted to travel and explore the world.

In parallel to becoming a ballet artist she started to study Latin Dances, which were the complete opposite of her classical nature. In 2021 she met an extraordinary artist Marcelo Alcaraz and together they had found a way to connect these styles by adding elegance to one of the most popular latin dances – Bachata, made it unique by including professionalism and grace which Nasti has taken from Ballet.

Now, thanks to her hard work and Marcelo’s creativity she is a worldwide travelling artist, teacher and a walking inspiration with her iron character and endless ambitions.

Marcelo & Nasti

Both dancers are unrepeatable talents separately.  But meeting each other in 2021 made the magic happen. The experience of World’s Bachata Champion & dancing skills of a professional ballet dancer in no time made the new couple take a spot between the most recognised Bachata artists in the world. The most unbelievable fact about Marcelo & Nasti is that apart from their show, all the dances are pure improvisation. The high level combinations and even some tricks are made in the moment of dancing. As Marcelo has mentioned “The music tells me what to do, and I just transfer it to reality”. Very often they themselves can’t repeat the movement they did a minute ago. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Marcelo Alcaraz had established his career before meeting Nasti. But seeing a young talent made him change his style and find new ways of leading. As teachers, they stand out not only for their unique style and performances, but also by sharing the roots of dancing instead of combinations, which helps every student reach another level.

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Marcelo & Nasti

Bachata Champions

The top bachata teachers on the world

Marcelo & Nasti

Bachata Masters



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📍Dance Studio: Gamlestadsvägen 14, 415 02 Göteborg
🚋 Trams: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11
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