In order to complete your purchase, you must click the contract box before to make the payment and thereby accept the agreement.
Be sure to read through before proceeding with your purchase.


You buy your courses/workshops by entering the schedule and adding to the shopping cart. Then select which payment method you want to complete the purchase.


When purchasing online at Dance Vida, it is committed to distance contracts and agreements outside business premises (SFS 2005: 59)

You are entitled to withdraw this agreement without giving a reason within 14 days of the purchase. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the date of conclusion of the agreement. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you should clearly inform Dance Vida of your decision to withdraw the agreement by email to
If you have invoked the right of withdrawal within the time limit (14 days), Dance Vida will refund without unnecessary delay,  the refund will be made using the same payment method as you have used, unless you explicitly agree with us about anything else.

Cancellation must be made by e-mail:

It is your duty to ensure that the letter and the payment are available to us on time.
Once we have received your cancellation, we will always send you an email confirmation.
Please contact us immediately via (phone, SMS, Facebook) if you have not received a confirmation of your cancellation.
You are not notified until your cancellation has been confirmed by us.


Change course, you can change classes one week before the classes start not after.


Dance Vida reserves the right to change time and teacher if necessary.


Dance Vida reserves the right to cancel the class if we do not get more than 14 students, this is because we want to make sure that will be enough people for the class and pay the dance studio.
If we cancel we will notify you within a 4 days before the classes or workshop start.
If we cancel the class you will be refunded the money or be able you change to another open class or workshop, or waith for the next time.


Note: (The following applies only to medical certificates)
If you have missed lessons and have medical certificates then you can apply to take again the classes that you lost on the next semester.
If you want to cancel and get the refund of the money, then you will have to pay for the classes that has been going on even if you did not come until the date you notify us, then you will get back the rest of the money.

Note that if you miss lessons due to illness (which does not mean you have a medical certificate) or other personal reasons, you can only re-take one per class or compensate with coming to a lower level of the same dance style you are signed up, you can not compensate with other classes in different dance styles in other days.
If you can come just a few times or different times please contact us before classes start.
Contact us to find out how many lessons you can take if you have a medical certificate.

You can not cancel in the middle of the semester or after we start the classes without medical certificates, that will mean you lose the semester and there is no refund. You can not retake it either next semester (We are counting with all of the people that sign up to be able to open the classes and be able to pay the dance studio).


Previous students are not automatically notified to the next semester or workshops, but a new purchase is required for each time or semester. If you do not know which level to choose, please contact us and we will guide you. (phone, SMS, Facebook)


We have this different payment options:

Direct payment by Swish via home page (+ 0kr)
Invoice (+ 50kr) (Send an Email asking to sign up with all your information:
On the same day at the course or workshop start (+ 100kr)

Important: As a student, you automatically become a member of our association Dance Vida.

The currency money that you will pay is in  Swedish krona: (Sek.-  Kr.-)

For those who choose to pay via invoice please note that no invoices are sent by mail but directly to the mail you provided at the time of the notification.

Payment for late payment will be done by 60kr and sent on invoice to the specified e-mail address after your due date. If the payment reminder is not paid, the case will be sent to debt collection where SEK 160 is added to the claim.

Best Regards
Fabian Vallejos
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