Dance Vida Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Dance Vida! Before you make a purchase, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. By proceeding with your purchase, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Section 1: Buying Courses

To purchase courses or workshops at Dance Vida, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the classes you want to attend from the schedule.
  2. Fill out the required form with your personal details.
  3. Check the box to receive an invoice.
  4. Complete your payment.

Prices and Discounts

Course prices and applicable discounts can be found on our homepage and are subject to change depending on the sign-up date.

Section 2: Right of Withdrawal (Before Classes Begin)

When you make an online purchase at Dance Vida, you are entering into a distance contract, and the following conditions apply:

You have the right to withdraw from this agreement without providing a reason within 14 days of making the purchase, provided that the dance classes have not yet commenced. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the date of purchase. To exercise your right of withdrawal, please inform Dance Vida via email at

If you withdraw within the specified time frame and before the start of dance classes, Dance Vida will refund your payment promptly using the bank transfer method.

Please ensure that you send your cancellation notice within the required time frame, and remember that this right of withdrawal applies only before the dance classes have started, NOT after! Upon receiving your cancellation request, Dance Vida will send a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us immediately via phone, SMS, or Facebook.

This amendment makes it clear that the right of withdrawal applies specifically before the dance classes have commenced.

Section 3: Changes Between Courses

During the first week, we offer an open house where you can try different class levels. You have one week from the start of classes to make changes, but changes are not permitted after two weeks from the start date.

Section 4: Changes

Dance Vida reserves the right to modify class schedules and instructors when necessary.

Section 5: Cancellation of classes

Dance Vida may cancel a class if it does not have a minimum of 12 students to ensure enough people to dance with and cover studio costs. In the event of a cancellation, Dance Vida will notify you at least two days before the class or workshop start date. You will have the option to receive a refund, transfer to another open class or workshop, or wait for the next available session.

Section 6: Missed Classes

Please note that the following applies only in cases where you have a medical certificate:

  • If you miss classes due to illness and provide a medical certificate, you may request to retake the missed classes during the next semester.
  • If you choose to cancel and seek a refund, you must pay for the classes that have already taken place until the date of your notification. You will receive a refund for the remaining classes.

For missed lessons due to reasons other than a medical certificate or personal reasons, you may only retake one class or compensate by attending a lower-level class in the same dance style. Please contact us before classes start if your situation requires special arrangements.

You cannot cancel your enrollment in the middle of the semester or after classes have begun without a medical certificate. Doing so results in the forfeiture of the semester without a refund or the opportunity to retake it during the next semester.

Section 7: Renewal of Enrollment

Previous students are not automatically enrolled in the next semester or workshops. A new purchase is required for each semester or workshop. If you are unsure about which level to choose, please contact us for guidance.

Payment Method

After signing up and agreeing to the conditions, you will receive an invoice for your dance classes. The invoice will include payment instructions, including Swish and Plusgiro account details for online payments.


As a student, you automatically become a member of our association, Dance Vida.


All payments are in Swedish krona (SEK).

Late payment fees amount to 60 SEK and will be sent as an invoice to your specified email address after the due date. If the reminder is not paid, the case will be sent to debt collection (INKASSO), adding an additional SEK 160 to the claim.


Media, Videos, and photos:
As an open public place, Dance Vida has the right to take pictures and videos during dance classes, social, parties, and events.
All pictures and videos will be selected and posted on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, for commercial purposes.
We will also have a security camera 24/7 for security in all dance rooms.

Fabian Vallejos
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